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Recent releases

  • Dynasties (designed by Alan Newman, 2005). A two player game using simultaneous card placement and area control to conquer ancient China. Out now on iOS!

  • Upcoming releases

    Many people ask us what we are working on and when our next game will hit the store! We have several parallel development channels working simultaneously to bring you new titles! We aren't exactly sure when each of these upcoming releases will launch, but they are all in various stages in our development pipeline! We are committed to bringing great games to you, on whatever platform or mobile device you use. We want you to play with your friends, no matter what platform or mobile device they use. Some games are best live, some games are best asynchronous, some games are best solo, some games are best pass and play. We support all of the above as often as possible. Some games are best played with a 5 minute chess clock with sweat beading on your brow!

  • Fzzzt! (designed by Tony Boydell, Surprised Stare Games 2009). Manufacture robots and use their abilities in an auction-driven, deckbuilding, set matching game for 2-4 players. Coming soon for iOS and PC, Android to follow!

  • Reiner Knizia's Battleline (For Android) Android users will soon be able to join the competition with thousands of players already enjoying this tactical card game on iOS and PC's everywhere.

  • Reiner Knizia's Lines of Gold (For Android) The 5 star original solo puzzle game from Reiner Knizia is coming to Android!

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