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Known Issues:
Reiner Knizia's Lines of Gold iOS:

  • On some iPod touch generations display and animations are mangled.
  • F.A.Q.:
    Q: Do you use "The Cloud"?

    A: We are the cloud. Start a game of Battleline on your iPhone, and then take your turns on your PC, another iPhone, an iPad, and soon Android.

    Q: Why do I need to sign up for GourmetGaming to play cross platform?

    A: We need an account to keep track of all your stats, game ownership, preferences, etc. If you only foresee yourself ever playing on iOS with GameCenter, then don't sign up, we'll track your stats still but only with a GameCenter account. However, signing up has privileges, like changing your country flag...

    Q: What is all this stuff? Chess Clock, Asynch/ Synchronous... do I need all this stuff?

    A: Many different games are fun in different ways. Some players prefer a 2 minute fast game and others prefer a 4 week slow game. Some games require far more back and forth decision making and would be terrible as an asynchronous game. Other games require autonomous or simultaneous decisions that, once made, free a player to not wait on opponents but instead to get on with life. Our system supports all types of games, including ones that are yet to be born. Imagine playing Ticket to Ride or Magic the Gathering asynchronously, or imagine playing Diplomacy live waiting for every player's decision every turn... doesn't sound fun. We want every game to be played as it is best played, and we do not discriminate.

    Q: How did Reiner Knizia score so high in Lines of Gold?

    A: He is a very smart guy.

    Q: Can I publish my game with you?

    A: We are always on the lookout for new games that we enjoy, and we like to keep a full development schedule. E-mail your suggestion to Please be patient for a reply; we are very busy and will get back to you as soon as we can.

    Q: Battleline on iOS is great and has so many great features! Why does it have any bad ratings?

    A: This was our first release, it is at version 3.1 now, and has come a long way from version 1.0. Any negative ratings it received for earlier versions become less relevant as it improves.

    Q: Why do I have to give you my email address in your Online Play lobby? Are you going to spam me?

    A: We take your email address ONLY so we can send you game invites and our newsletter. Game invites are sent if a friend invites you to play an online game through our lobby (currently this will be for either Battleline or Dynasties). Newsletters will be sent very occasionally to notify our users of game updates and new releases from Gourmet Gaming. Note that you can switch off the game invites and/or the newsletter once you have registered to the lobby system.

    Please note, we will not pass your email address or contact details to third parties. Your email address is required solely for your use of the Gourmet Gaming lobby.

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